Shower Repair

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can fix your shower problems

Repairing a damaged or faulty shower can improve its function and prevent costly water damage. The type of shower in your home, along with the extent and nature of problems, will help determine the complexity and cost of repairs. Your project may require the services of a plumber, tiling contractor, or other repair technician, so consider the features of your shower and the nature of problems as you select a contractor and plan for the project.

Shower Repair Service

A number of issues can cause problems with the operation, appearance, and stability of your shower. Whether your issues are structural, cosmetic, or plumbing related, understanding the features of your shower and the nature of repairs can help you plan and budget for the project. Call Steve, an experienced shower repair professional to help you with your project.  512-293-2030

Repairing Different Types of Showers

The size and style of your shower may play a part in the cost of repairs, since finish materials, overall size, accessibility of plumbing, and complexity of controls may influence the time, skill, and tools needed for the job.

Repairing Drain Issues

Drain problems can interfere with the function of your shower and cause leaks and flooding that lead to costly water damage. Repairing a rusted drain may involve replacing the drain mechanism and refinishing the surface around it.

Leaking Shower

Water leaks of any kind can pose a potential threat to the finishes and structure of your home. While leaks confined to the inside of your shower may not affect the surrounding room, they can be costly and wasteful, and may lead to hidden leaks that affect the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home.